Recent Updates and Enhancements

At Main Street Sites we are constantly updating and improving our service.  Here are some of our recent updates and enhancements:


 10/14/2019  Automatic Group Assignment

Accounts can now have their Membership Group or Billing Schedule value set automatically based on a price or product in their order.

For example:

You can create a product called "Silver Membership" and a customer who purchases this product can be assigned a membership group value to match the product.

You can create a price called "Monthly Billing" and a customer selecting that price can be assigned a billing schedule value to match the price.

To use this feature, update the advanced settings for the price or product to specify the new billing schedule or membership group value.

You can also indicate if discounts on the order should use the previous or new value of the billing schedule or membership group.


 10/14/2019  Facebook Post Images

You can now specify which image you would prefer Facebook to use when a post references your website.  To activate this feature, first upload the image to your Image Vault, then reference it on the "Facebook Posting Image" setting at Website > Site Options > Settings.

Note: it is possible that Facebook will choose not to use the specified image in some cases based on their own internal image selection algorithms.

 10/14/2019  Notification Token Support Improved

Support for the special data tokens available for customer notifications has been expanded.  Examples of those tokens are things like, "%contact_first_name%" and "%account_balance%."

You can now see all tokens currently available for a particular notification at the bottom of that notification's edit page at Communications > Settings > Notification Templates.  Almost all notifications now support contact, account and student tokens (where applicable).  Support for tokens is also included in the User Email and Send Message modules and are listed on the relevant pages for reference.

 10/14/2019  Group by Day of Week Added

A new option for grouping classes by day of week has been added to class layouts (in addition to location, class type, etc.). 

To activate this option go to Website > Advanced > Named Layouts and select the new option for the named layout you wish to change.

 10/14/2019  Expand / Collapse Option for Class Schedules

Class schedules now support an expand / collapse option.  When this option is selected for a given layout, customers can expand or collapse classes based on how they are grouped. 

For example, if classes are grouped by location, each location sub-heading will have expand/collapse icons next to it.

The new setting allows you to indicate if the sub-headings should default to expanded or collapsed by default.

To activate this option, go to Website > Advanced > Named Layouts and select the new grouping option in the Sub-Heading Group Options section.

 10/14/2019  Infant Sibling Discounts in Fee Generation

The Periodic Fee Generator now supports infant sibling discounts.  These are specified on the discount step of the fee generation process. 

You can save your infant discount settings with your saved discount plan so you won't need to enter them more than once.

 9/15/2019  Reminder notification update

SMS text reminders were updated to prevent location addresses from being displayed across multiple SMS text messages.

 8/30/2019  WorldPay Payment Gateway

Support for the WorldPay payment gateway has been added for customers in the UK. This gateway and PayPal both support the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements in the UK (now required in March 2021).

 8/30/2019  New Drop-In Discounts for Siblings

Sibling discounts are now supported for drop-ins.  The discounts can be for siblings in the same class or in different classes (or both).  Click on the "advanced options" section of your drop-in price set to access sibling discounts.

 8/30/2019  Order Comments are now optional

You can now remove the "comments" box from the order form.  To turn off this optional field, go to Setup > Settings > Online Order Settings and find the "Order Comments" section.

 8/30/2019  Product quantity limits in the online store

You can now set a maximum quantity for products in the online store.   To activate quantity tracking for a given product, expand the "advanced options" for the product and find the "Available Quantity Tracking" section.  You can turn on quantity tracking and set your quantity there. 

You can also set your own "sold out" message if you'd like to (e.g., "Tickets are sold out! Call this number for same-day tickets...").

 8/30/2019  Maximum value for order fees and credits

You can now set a maximum value for fees and credits on an order.  This allows you to set a fee for each student that will max out at a certain value.

For example, to support this:

  • 1st student registration fee: $10
  • family registration fee: $15

You can set the $10 fee for each student and set a maximum value of $15 for the fee.

The new maximum value can be found in the "Advanced" section of the "Auto-apply Fees and Credits" tab in Setup > Settings > Online Registration Pricing.

 8/30/2019  New auto-responder email for "Contact Us"

Customers using the Contact Us page can now enable an automatic response email that will be sent to anyone who submits the Contact Us page.

To enable the new notification, go to Communications > Notification Templates and locate the Contact Inquiry (Customer) notification.  The notification will be disabled by default so you'll need to enable it.  You'll also need to add a message for the notification.

 8/30/2019  Dropped Enrollments

Dropped enrollments are now included in the Schedule tab at Manage > Accounts > Schedule. This allows you to review attendance for dropped enrollments.

 8/30/2019  Enrollment Confirmation update

Enrollment confirmation notifications now include a link to the class details page. The class details page includes a list of class meeting dates and times and holidays for the class.

 8/30/2019  Location Notification Content

Locations now support including additional location information in confirmations and reminders for enrollments, make-ups, demos and drop-ins at that location.  This can be used for things that should not be published on a website like lock-box instructions, passcodes, etc.

 7/30/2019  Send Message

The timing window for sending messages to the attendees of a particular class meeting or set of appointments has been extended to two weeks in the past.

 7/29/2019  Appointment Cancel

A cancel link has been added to the popup menu in the appointment calendar view

 7/23/2019  Age-based pricing rules

You can now define age-based rules for your registration prices in Setup > Settings > Online Registration Pricing.  This allows you to stipulate that a given price can only be used by students in a particular age range.  The most common application for this option is to limit special prices to infants up to a certain age.  This new setting is in the "Advanced" section of the page you see when editing a price.

Because this feature allows you to create prices that some students cannot use, it is important that you have unrestricted prices and/or prices that are valid for all expected ages.  Main Street Sites does not attempt to prove that there will always be a useable price for students based on their age.

For example, if you had just one price restricted to students under 1 year and another price restricted to students 2 years and older, students between 1 and 2 years old would not be able to select a valid price and complete a registration.

 7/23/2019  Student Absences Page

A new interactive page has been released for monitoring student absences.  You can see the new page here or by going to Manage > Classes > Student Absences.  This page uses information from Online Attendance to highlight any students with recent absences.  The filters allow you to look for students with multiple and/or consecutive absences.  Attendance data for make-ups, demos and drop-ins is also included. 
You can select students in the list and send them the "Student Absence" notification.  This notification has no default content.  You'll need to enter content for this notification at Communications > Settings > Notification Templates before sending it. 

Note: you may wish to use these tokens when creating your email:  

 7/22/2019  Billing Schedules and Membership Groups added to attendance

The option to include each account's current value for Billing Schedules and Membership Groups has been added to the Attendance Sheet Report and the Online Attendance pages.

 7/22/2019  Enrollment Summary Report

A new optional "day of week" summary section has been added to the Enrollment Summary Report. This will show a summary of enrollments for each day of the week.  The report has also been updated to include all class types active in the selected semester, even if they do not currently have any enrollments.

 7/22/2019  Payment Detail Report

The Payment Detail Report has a new grouping option that can display an additional level of grouping by fee type.

 7/22/2019  Short names added to Named Layouts

The ability to select teacher and location "short names" has been added to the Named Layouts page.  These columns can now be selected for class schedule layouts.

 7/22/2019  Payroll Report Updates

A grand total has been added to the end of the payroll report.  The grand total will not display when the report is run for a single teacher.

The Payroll Detail Report now shows the student first and last name for appointment-related line items.