Recent Updates and Enhancements

At Main Street Sites we are constantly updating and improving our service.  Here are some of our recent updates and enhancements:


 3/28/2019  Max drop-ins per semester

You can now set a maximum number of drop-ins per student per semester.  This new setting can be found at Setup > Make-ups, Demos & Drop-Ins > Drop-In Settings. 

Your customers will receive a validation error if they try to purchase more than the maximum allowed number of drop-ins for a given student in a given period.

 3/27/2019  Forgotten password and username reminders

More messaging has been added to help users retrieve their forgotten passwords and usernames.  We have also made improvements to reduce the delivery time for the forgotten username and password email notifications.

 2/26/2019  New gateway support

Support for the gateway has been updated to their latest requirements.  Customers needing to upgrade to the new gateway will be notified and migrated to the new gateway integration automatically.

 1/28/2019  New pricing display options for Drop-Ins

The drop-in scheduler page can now show the default price, min price, max price or a price range for each available drop-in.  The layout for your drop-in page can be updated by going to Website > Advanced > Named Layouts and editing the drop-in layout.

 1/21/2019  New Waitlist option

A new setting has been added to help manage waitlist enrollments.  You can now indicate that you do not want any fees or payments generated for waitlist enrollments during online registration.  Instead, the waitlist enrollment will be created with no associated fees.


To turn on this setting go to Setup > Settings > Online Order Settings and find the "Registration Process" section.  The new checkbox is labeled, "Do not generate fees or collect payment for enrollments in 'Waitlist' status."   

 12/20/2018  Drop-in Updates

MSS customers testing the drop-ins feature have now scheduled over 1000 drop-ins!  Thank you to everyone who has been providing feedback on the new drop-ins feature. 

Here are the latest drop-in updates:

  • Support for drop-ins has been added to the Account Statement Report, Payment Summary Report, Daily Schedule Report, and Teacher Schedule Report
  • Drop-ins are now supported as an "include" option for recipients in Send Message
  • Drop-ins are now supported in User Queries (in the Payment Allocations, Drop-in Attendance and Drop-ins query scopes)

Let us know if you'd like help adding Drop-ins to your site.

 12/19/2018  Appointment Reminders

We have added support for appointment reminders.  You can enable this feature by going to Setup > Appointments > Settings.  You'll find reminder options there for single appointments and for recurring appointments.

There is also a setting on appointment types that allows you to turn this feature on and offer for particular appointment types. This only applies once you have turned appointment reminders on at Setup > Appointments > Settings.

 11/27/2018  Drop-in Updates

Thanks to everyone who has been providing feedback on our new drop-in features. Here is the latest round of updates:


  • "Drop-in" links can now be added to class schedules by updating the layout for the schedule. There are two options for this -- one is a "drop-in" link and the other shows a few upcoming dates as links (plus a "more.." link).  This can be added to you class layout by going to Website > Settings > Named Layouts.  The text used for the "drop-in" link can be changed in Setup > Make-ups, Demos & Drop-Ins > Drop-in Settings.
  • Drop-in links are also now shown on the individual class details page in the class meetings section.
  • Drop-in reminder emails are now active. This can be turned on by going to Setup > Make-ups, Demos & Drop-Ins > Drop-In Settings
  • The display of drop-ins orders in Manage > Activity > Orders has been improved so you can now see details of the drop-ins from the list of orders.
  • Drop-ins are now supported in the Manage > Orders export formats.
  • When using drop-ins in a catalog layout, the prefix for the column will no longer display if the drop-in link is not active for that class.
  • Drop-in links can also be displayed in the calendar by updating the calendar format at Settings > Settings > Class Settings.
 11/13/2018  New Periodic Fee Generator options

New options for monthy billing have been released for the periodic fee generator. Now you can generate monthly fees based on the number of class meetings in a period.  This was added to support customers who bill based on the actual number of times a class meets (as opposed to a fixed amount each month).

On the first page of the periodic fee generator there is a new section called "Specify Fee Amounts."  This lets you indicate that your fees should be based on the number of class meetings in the previous month, current month or following month.  You can also generate fees in this way for any set of dates if needed.

 11/8/2018  Drop-in Updates

We have released some updates for the new drop-ins module:

  • Drop-ins have been added as an option to the Attendance Sheet Report
  • Issues with the date filters in Manage > Drop-Ins have been fixed
  • "Drop-in Scheduled" emails are now being sent to teachers when drop-ins are scheduled on your customer-facing pages (i.e. when drop-ins are purchased on your website)
 10/31/2018  Register Buttons

The Cheshire, Brookfield and Granville templates now support showing buttons for the "Register" link in class schedules and on the class details page.  The color scheme for these buttons is based on your template's selected color scheme.  You can update the font and background colors for these buttons by going to Website > Site Options > Template Options and updating the "Register Button Font" and "Register Button Background Color" settings.


We can disable this feature for your template if you'd prefer not to use it.  Also, if you do not yet have a "register" link in your class schedule you can add one by going to Website > Settings > Named Layouts and updating your class schedule layout.  We'd be happy to help with this if needed. You may also want to review other useful settings in your class schedule layout like the column widths, alternating row color, default row height and row mouseover color.


If you are not using these templates but would like this register button feature added to your site please let us know. We'd be happy to help.

 10/15/2018  Drop-in Scheduler

This week we rolled out our new Drop-in Scheduler feature set.  With this feature you can offer your customers paid drop-in classes.  

Drop-ins are very similar to make-ups and demos in how they work.   You can set aside slots for drop-ins in your semester classes. You can also use open enrollment seats and marked absences for drop-ins.  Drop-ins can be added from the back-end and from your customer-facing pages.  


The important difference with the drop-in scheduler is that you can set prices for your drop-ins.  Price sets for dropins are created at Setup > Make-Ups, Demos & Drop-Ins > Drop-In Pricing.  Settings for your drop-ins can be found at Setup > Make-Ups, Demos & Drop-Ins > Drop-In Settings.


See the Drop-in Scheduler Overview for details on the Drop-In Scheduler.  See How to Add Drop-in Scheduler to get started.


Note: this feature is not yet fully complete. For example, updates are still pending for the Attendance Sheet Report, Send Message, Transaction Summary and Detail Reports, Manage > Orders and drop-in reminder notifications.  We will complete these lower priority items in the coming weeks.

 8/30/2018  Automated demo follow-up emails

The Demo Scheduler now includes support for automated follow-up emails.  You can turn this feature on at Setup > Settings > Demo Scheduler Settings.  There are options for the amount of delay before the follow-up is sent and the type of follow-up emails to be sent.


There are two different demo follow-up emails. There is a standard follow-up and a "missed demo" follow-up.  The email for missed demos will only be sent if you have used online attendance and have marked the demo as "not attended" by the time the email is sent. You'll want to enter the right amount of delay time to record attendance if you use this option.


Important Note: the demo scheduler follow-up emails do not have any built-in text.  You will need to add your own content to the emails by going to Communications > Settings > Notification Templates.  Enter "demo" into the search box to find all of the demo-related notifications quickly.

 8/29/2018  Taxes Supported for Appointment Fee Generation

Taxes are now supported in the Appointment Fee Generator.  Each appointment type can now be marked as being taxable as needed in Setup > Appointments > Appointment Types.  In the Appointment Fee Generator you can indicate if you would like taxes generated as part of the current fee generation run.   Taxes can then be generated for each of the applicable tax types.  


Note: be sure to select a fee type for taxes at Setup > Advanced > Fee Types before using this feature.  You can add additional fee types from here if needed as well.

 8/27/2018  Additional text for email and SMS text opt-in

It is now possible to add your own text to the email and SMS text opt-in fields that your customers see.  This gives you an opportunity to add your own messaging for why customers should opt in to receive your emails and/or how you will protect their privacy.  This custom text does not replace the built-in descriptions for these fields.


For the Create Account and My Account page go to Website > Community > Portal > Additional Content and click on the relevant content areas (e.g., "Create Account: Additional Email Opt In Text").


For the Order Checkout page go to Website > Site Options > Global Order Content and click on the relevant content areas (e.g., "Order Checkout: Additional Email Opt In Text").


For the Demo Scheduler page go to Website > Built-in Pages > Demo Scheduler > Additional Content and click on the relevant content areas (e.g., "Schedule Demo: Additional Email Opt In Text").

 6/21/2018  Improved SSL Support

Main Street Sites has made major improvements in our support for secure web pages.  Previously only things like order pages and payment pages used a secure connection.  Other pages, like your home page or class schedule page, did not.  Now all Main Street Sites pages can use a secure SSL connection.  To make this possible we have obtained SSL certificates for all active customer website domains.  We recommend that all customers activate this feature for their account(s) by following the directions below.*  

Website customers

Please go to Website > Site Options > Settings and set the "SSL Setting" to "Active" to turn on this feature.  There may be a brief period during which your site is unresponsive while the new settings take effect. Let us know if your site doesn't begin working properly a few minutes after you change this setting.  If you find the setting is disabled it means we are having trouble generating your SSL certificate for you. Please contact customer support to get it set up.

Standalone Back Office customers

If you are using "" to link to your MSS pages then you have already been upgraded. All of your MSS pages are now using a secure connection.  

If you are using a CNAME to connect to Back Office (such as, "") please go to Website > Site Options > Settings and set the "SSL Setting" to "Active" to turn on this feature.  There may be a brief period when your pages are unresponsive while the new settings take effect. Let us know if your pages don't begin working properly a few minutes after you change this setting.  If you find the setting is disabled it means we are having trouble generating your SSL certificate for you. Please contact customer support to get it set up.


Please let us know if you have any questions.  If all went well you should now see a nice "Secure'" lock icon in front of all of your MSS pages.


* future versions of the Chrome browser will highlight any pages that don't use a secure connection as "not secure." We are rolling out these improvements so you can avoid running into this issue.

 5/14/2018  Drop-In Scheduler
Our development team has begun working on our new drop-in scheduler module.  This feature will be similar to the Make-Up and Demo Schedulers, but will support different notifications, reminders, pricing, online orders and payments, etc. We hope to have this feature available by mid to late summer or early fall.  We're very excited to be adding this new module to Main Street Sites!
Let us know if you'd like to be included in any beta testing we do for the new Drop-In Scheduler when those features become available
 5/1/2018  Enrollment confirmations

Enrollment confirmations now support up to 5 different versions (one primary and 4 alternates). 


When you send enrollment confirmations, we'll show you the subject line once you make your selection (primary or alternate 1-4).  You can use the subject line to make sure you have picked the right version -- of course, make sure you update the subject lines at Communications > Settings > Notification Templates in advance so this trick will work.

 4/23/2018  Holidays

Holidays can now reference any number of classes, class types, appointment types, locations or teachers.  

 3/15/2018  Misc Updates
  • Improvements to holiday processing
  • Improvements to recitals conflict handling
  • Fix for appointment popup summary
  • Improvements to make-up and demo scheduling to prevent duplicates
  • More terms added for user messages
  • Updated YouTube URL parsing for new Media Vault items
  • Added sorting options to the grid in Manage > Classes
  • Audit trail tracking added for make-ups, demos, semesters, prices, coupons and auto-apply fees/discounts.
 2/1/2018  Additional content for orders/shopping cart

All general purpose additional content areas for the order/shopping cart pages have been moved to Website > Site Options > Global Order Content.   

The additional content areas specific to the registration and store pages can still be found at Website > Built-in Pages > Registration and Website > Built-in Pages > Store respetively.


 2/1/2018  User Queries

User queries now support being sorted into categories. You can create new categories by clicking on the new "Manage Categories" link at Reports > User Queries > Saved Queries.  When you create a new query you can indicate the category to which it belongs.

 2/1/2018  Misc. Updates
  • Improved order validation when orders are committed
  • Improved display of class prices when displayed in named layouts
  • Improved handling for recurring appointment deactivate feature
  • Improved handling for components on certain templates
  • Fix for attendance sheet report issue seen on some mobile devices
  • Contact fields added to the Demo user query scope
 12/19/2017  More Shortcuts Added
  • You can now select "Add Payment Request" for a given account in the Manage > Accounts list to generate a payment request for that account.
  • You can now select "Attendance by Class" for a given class in Manage > Classes to record online attendance for that class.
  • You can now select "Attendance Sheet" for a given class in Manage > Classes to generate an Attendance Sheet report for that class.
 12/15/2017  Pick a class

Filters were added to the "Pick a class" popup to make it easier to find classes when needed.