Recent Updates and Enhancements

At Main Street Sites we are constantly updating and improving our service.  Here are some of our recent updates and enhancements:


 5/26/2017  Students

More support has been added for student ages.  A calculated student age will show in the list of students on the account page at Manage > Accounts > Accounts.  The enrollments tab for a class at Manage > Classes > Classes will now show an average student age for the class as well.


Note: these updates only apply to customers who track student dates of birth.

 5/26/2017  Online Registration

A new filtering option has been added for auto-apply fees and discounts.  When the option to apply the item to a particular registration is selected (i.e., only apply it to the first, second, third registration, etc.) you can now also indicate that only registrations of a certain type or location should be counted.  This allows you to define discounts that only apply when people register for the same particular class type or set of class types more than once on an order.

 5/26/2017  Online Registration

If a customer who is logged in leaves the registration form to add a new student, all existing order values will now be saved.  Previously any custom field values would have to be re-entered in this case.

 5/26/2017  Make-Up and Demo Schedulers

A new option has been added to skip the default landing page for the make-up or demo scheduler.  You can find this option on the settings tabs at Website > Built-in Pages > Make-up Scheduler > Settings and Website > Built-in Pages > Demo Scheduler > Settings.  


When this new setting is activated your customers will not see the default landing page and the corresponding "continue" button. Instead they will be taken directly to the list of available make-ups or demos.

 5/26/2017  Duplicate enrollment checking

The existing feature that prevents customers from creating duplicate enrollments (at Website > Built-in Pages > Registration > Settings) has been enhanced to also prevent customers from scheduling two classes that occur at the same time.  Note that you must enable this featue if you wish to use it on your registration page.

 5/26/2017  Name Tags Report

The name tags report now supports printing name tags for scheduled demos (in addition to enrolled students).

 5/26/2017  Recital Overlap Report

A new Recital Overlap Report has been added.   This report allows you to select a set of recitals and show any students who appear in more than one of the recitals.  Students from the same family who appear in multiple recitals are also shown in the report.

 5/26/2017  Demo Scheduler

User defined fields have been enabled for the demo scheduler.  You can now add your own fields to the demo scheduler form.  This is done using the field manager at Setup > Advanced > Field Manager.

 5/26/2017  Class Schedules

The classes named layouts now supports up to three different filters (for example, customers can filter classes by class type, location, teacher, etc.).  Go to Website > Settings > Named Layouts to add additional filters to your class layouts.

 5/26/2017  Terms and conditions

The ability to require customers to accept your terms and conditions has been extended to the creation of accounts.  This option can be enabled by going to Setup > Settings > Account Settings.


Note: this feature is likely to be only useful if you require your customers to create accounts before they can register for your classes.  That option is part of online order settings at Setup > Settings > Online Order Settings.


A new notification type has been created for sending the terms to your customers to give them a record of the terms they accepted.  The option can also be enabled on the account settings page.

 5/9/2017  Recital Class Summary Report

A new  Recital Class Summary Report  has been added.  This report shows a list of current classes with any related recital performances shown beneath each class.  The intent of this report is to help users make sure that each class has been accounted for in the current set of recitals.

 5/9/2017  Named Layouts

A new column type called "Price Set Price (range)" has been added to the layout editor for class grids at Website > Settings > Named Layouts..  This allows you to add a column to your classes page or registration page to show the range of prices for the class.  If there is just one price for the class only that will be shown.  More options similar to this will be available soon (max and min price options for example).

 5/9/2017  Make-Up and Demo Reminders

The behavior for the make-up and demo reminders has been updated.  Previously, when this feature was activated, it would only affect any make-ups and demos that were scheduled in the future.  Now it will also affect any pending make-ups and demos.  The reverse is true as well -- if you disable this feature it will cancel any reminders for pending make-ups and demos.

 5/9/2017  Students

The gender data field for students is now fully supported in online registration and the My Account pages.  You can enable this and other optional fields by going to the field manager at Setup > Advanced  > Field Manager.

 5/9/2017  More mobile device support updates

We continue to add updates to our support for mobile devices for the back-end website.  Most noteably, the appointment calendar page now has full support for mobile devices.

 5/9/2017  Attendance

The option to include contact information for contacts other than the primary contact has been added to the Attendance Sheet report and the two online attendance pages on the back end.

 4/1/2017  User Email Publishing

You can now publish your user emails to your website.  There are two ways to do this:


1) you can copy the link that displays on Publish tab of your user emails.


You can add that link to a page or to your menu at Website > Site Options > Custom Menu.


2) you can add the new Newsletters page to your menu.  This page will list any user email that has " Publish to newsletters page" checked off on its Publish tab.  


There are some optional settings on the "Publish" tab for when the email should start and stop showing on the page.

The Newsletters page is now available in your Built-in Pages if you would like to add any content to the top of it.  

 3/14/2017  Payroll Report

A new payroll report has been added to the reports menu. You can use this report to calculate payroll for teachers based on class meetings and appointments taught.


You can enter a rate for class meetings on the class type at Setup > General > Class Types. You can enter a rate for appointment types at Setup > Appointments > Appointment Types.


Note that for accuracy you will want to update teachers on individual class meetings when a substitute teacher has taught a class.

 3/14/2017  Make-Up and Demo Schedulers

The captions and titles for the make-up and demo schedulers have been updated to not use the terms "make-up" and "demo" explicitly.  This was done to assist customers who use different terms for these things and/or for customers how use these features for other purposes.   All messages and other onscreen text will only refer to the make-up or demo in general terms.  


For example, if you prefer the term "sampler" to "demo", you can update the page title and page content for the demo scheduler at Website > Built-in Pages > Demo Scheduler and the email notification titles at Communications > Settings > Notification Templates.  Then your customers will only see the term "sampler" in the user interface and emails.

 3/14/2017  Payment Profiles

When your customers add a new save payment profile the system will now assume that the new profile should be the default for future payments.  Customers can override this behavior if they wish to.

 3/14/2017  User Queries

When a customer accesses an HTML field in a user query (for example, a class description), we will now remove all of the HTML "tags" from the data returned by the query.


For example, instead of something like:  "<p>This class is <b>excellent</b> for young students</p>" the query will now just return "This class is excellent for young students."

 3/14/2017  Installment Plans

A new notification has been created for sending out the details of installment plans to your customers.   Once you have created an installment plan, you can use the "More.." button to access a new "Send Plan Summary" option.  This will send an email summary to your customer containing the details of the installment plan.

 3/14/2017  Appointments

A new popup summary has been added for appointments.  From the calendar view, you can click on an appointment and select the "View Summary" option to see the appointment details and notes in a popup window.

 2/20/2017  Appointments and Recurring Appointments

Appointments and recurring appointments have been split into two different sections in Back Office.  Previously they were grouped together on one "Appointments" page.  Now there is an "Appointments" page for single instance appointments and a "Recurring Appointments" page for any set of more than one appointment.  


This change was made to accommodate the new appointment confirmations feature (see the related release note on this feature).

 2/20/2017  Appointment Confirmations

You can now send your customers email confirmations of their scheduled appointments.  You can send out confirmations for single appointments from Manage > Appointments > Appointments.  You can also send out a confirmation for a series of appontments from Manage > Appointments > Recurring Appointments.  In the case of a recurring appointment the notfication will include information on the first appointment in the series and the number or duration of the appointment series.  In either case, any appointment or recurring appointment will be marked as "Confirmation Sent" once a confirmation is sent for it.